"30 years of experience in hotel business, tourism and restaurant management"


SWITEL SA is a Swiss management company specialized in the management and consultancy of hotel properties. Successfully managing a hotel or a restaurant is an art requiring significant know-how and experience. We are at your disposal to guide you, share our knowledge, advise you or even manage your properties.

  • SWITEL brings to its properties the utmost level of expertise of international luxury hotels to its operations, sales, marketing, PR, and finance.
  • SWITEL has developed standards and procedures which can be adapted to smaller individual properties.
  • SWITEL also specializes in F&B and spa management.


We have extensive experience in all areas of hotel and restaurant development. The services we provide are unique to each project we undertake and we are committed to meet our client's specific needs. SWITEL SA provides technical services and assists owners to develop their property to the highest quality levels.

  • We can hire and support the team, create and implement pre-opening sales, marketing & PR plan and other related tasks.
  • Prepare pre-opening budgets, recruit and train all personnel, develop employee benefit programs.
  • Establish detailed action plans for all departments, develop effective pricing strategies.
  • Prepare and implement critical path action plan, implement standards and procedures.


Once the direction for the project is set, the next phase is the execution of the plan. It is at this stage, owners very often underestimate how critical it is to engage a hotel consulting professional. A poorly handled implementation will incontestably cost far more than using proper external expertise.

As part of our technical services and pre-opening support services, we will be working closely with the project manager, architect, consultancy team, designers and project team. We will assist them in every aspect of the execution to ensure a precise pre-opening work flow that will guarantee that the original plans are translated into a real life operational plan with top efficiency.

As a privately owned independent SWITEL SA we are not impaired by demanding corporate policies and procedures. Therefore, we can move quickly to help owners to successfully implement their project on time and within budget.


By driving direct sales and adapting your image to your property, improve your visibility and profitability. Create your core identity from scratch or rebrand it together with our dedicated partner, UNIT (Swiss based graphic design agency). Marketing, for which we offer highly qualified experts, is the key fundamental of your property.

SWITEL SA has pre-selected a range of best-of-breed technologies and providers to offer to its clients the following solutions:

  • Global Corporate ID analysis + Website design
  • Meta-search Marketing
  • SEO - search engine optimization
  • SEM - search engine marketing
  • SMM - social media marketing
  • CRM - customer relationship management

We propose to our hotel members innovative and creative online marketing tools. Our consultants are made available to you to put together a global hotel sales and marketing plan for you.


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